The Inner-Sanctum


We are happy to share the Zen teachings, views and adventures of  Kitabu Roshi (Vernon Kitabu Turner) as he carries out a global mission to point to Man's Original nature. You will always find articles, videos and audio presentations available free of charge but there is also another layer of involvement. For those who care to support the mission financially  there is another portal, an "inner-sanctum" which opens to a deeper and more personal level of teachings. Those who join us  here receive the same teachings as those at the home zendo. Sessions are recorded live. There will be additional video and articles that go deep into popular areas of concern and the practical application of things spiritual to our daily lives. From time to time there will be web-seminars and questions and answers that will touch your need. This and more comes to life for you when you become a  Premium Member of The Soul Sword Zen Community.

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