2012:New Year, New Attitude

December 31, 2011 by  

Time for change.

It is the beginning of a new year. In various parts of the world there will be great celebrations. Though it is the beginning of a new year, in various parts of the world there will be great suffering. The numbers of years may go up but it does that mean that the intelligence of Man goes up with those numbers. Generation after generation we have found ways to inflict greater pain upon our numbers. Truly it is a time when change is most necessary. For if the human race is to survive we must change. We must change the way we respond and react to each other day by day.

There is an old saying" divide and conquer". It could also be said divide and destroy. The Bible tells us that the fall of man began with the dividing of his mind. That division which caused separation within the self has given rise to subdivisions, many subdivisions, in which Man has shown his ability to be divided against his family, his own tribe, countrymen and so on. Instead of being able to look into a human face and see a mirror reflection of his own being Man often sees an enemy. Upon labeling a person as an enemy his desire is to contain or destroy him. Once we declare a person our enemy, we can then strip them of all semblance to humanity. Thus accomplished, we are able to rejoice in his downfall, even to the point of celebrating his violent demise. This is not at all acceptable if we hope to stay above the mentality of beasts. The literal beast uses his claws and fangs to rip life from his prey but Man has technology that does far worse.

A monster can be clothed in a fine suit or speak with eloquence. What he is is what he does. What is the effect of his actions?

We have witnessed natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and even wild fires. We know that in a matter of hours thousands of lives can be taken and that nature takes no regard for the victims station in life. All are equal in a state of disaster.

From a spiritual perspective, all are also equal in life-a ffirming situations. That is not the universal perspective of self, however. For centuries people have been conditioned to view themselves according to their material worth or through the position allotted to them by the elite or ruling class of their particular societies. It is because people have been conditioned to view themselves in a powerless way that those who are counted among the masses have been systematically controlled abused and even annihilated by the few.

Where there is a genuine awakening of spirituality there is also an understanding of the nature of the world in which we live. There is recognition of the inherited worth of the individual human being. This understanding exposes the lie that would have us believe that there could be an excuse for such a contrived pronouncement as collateral damage , for example. While it may happen on occasion, it should never be arbitrarily calculated in a military plan by a just nation. Each life is precious or who are we fighting for?. Each life is your life or the life of your loved ones. Realizing this, each life taken in the pursuit of our given missions should be mourned. The Taoist sage, suggested that victory in war should not be celebrated because because it would be a celebration of death. Ultimately, the wars we fight in the streets of the world are spiritual but most people will never see pass flesh and blood. If we do not find a way to penetrate through the politics, through the conditioning to touch the human soul , we will be the cause of our own extinction. Yet, there is hope, and hope has always been the bright star in the heavens.

In the year 2012, a time many people believe will bring the end of the world, my prayer is that it brings illumination. If we look to our origin, Beyond our egos which glory in our technology and information, we can find ourselves positioned for healing of our broken nature. To reach that healing we have to allow ourselves to learn, not as a scholar learns but as a child does. Despite all the things that we know, our life-force and our consciousness are the products of the unknown. Some recalibration of our collective brain is necessary. We cannot do it ourselves.

This is not a call for blind faith. It is a reminder that \our very existence has always depended as much on the unseen as the seen. It is a time and for conscious and bold recognition of that intelligence. Not long ago, America was proud to claim itself to be one nation under God. Though the country had its own glaring faults its spiritual core manifested power and compassion abroad. This is my country, America. Though I visit other countries, I live here. I would like to feel that spirit again of One Nation Under God. It is a rather inclusive awareness ...Under God. There is no personal pronoun included. It is not the same thing as one nation under a Religion.

We can love everyone regardless of race, color, creed or national origin ...and do we really need the word regardless? When I travel I feel and experience the brotherhood of Man, even as I enjoy the diversity of cultures.

If we work harder at loving and understanding each other as fellow human beings, the true wickedness will emerge from the shadows. The face of the real enemy is sure to surprise you. If you slay the innocent to get the enemy, you, too, are wicked. Meditate on that.

The Taoist remind us that in time a muddy glass of water will become clear. Wait, be patient before you take a running leap across conclusions. Practice a little more stillness in 2012. Perhaps, this year we will place a higher value on life across the globe. There is, indeed, a destructive force at work among us but we can only battle it by cultivating a guardian spirit. Love nurtures but love also protects that which it cherishes.

We need not be victims but when we take higher ground we are not the aggressors, nor are we vindictive. The enlightened warrior had no intention of killing. The attacker thus slew himself by his own violent force. If we embrace our global family with love, compassion and acceptance, the goats will clearly stand apart from the sheep. Their own mindset will be the cause of their eventual downfall. Let us practice loving our perceived enemies. There is a power at work that we cannot see but “IT” is on our side. Let's celebrate the victory of life, itself.



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