Except Ye Come as a Child

February 13, 2017 by  

It is easy to love babies. They are fresh, innocent, soft and cuddly. They have no political views, no Religion, no Philosophy. They are pure vessels of life responding naturally to the stimuli the world introduces to them. The Bible tell us that "Except ye be converted and come as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven." From this reading, we may conclude that God, himself, values the Child-mind. The kingdom of heaven is within us but we can not access it with our grown up consciousness which has been spoiled by the world and by our attachment to thought. The Child-mind, the infantile consciousness is free-flowing like a river. This is the same kind of mind that Zen promotes through its teachings on No Mind.

To develop a child-like consciousness we must recognize our parent. To the Taoist, the Tao is the mother of all things. To the Christian God is the ultimate parent. We must attune ourselves to His spirit and yield our minds to His guidance. Just as our children learn from our teachings, how to walk and talk, so also will we learn how to walk and talk in The Way of The Spirit by yielding to our parent, God.As we learn to do this we will enter the bliss of God and into the "peace that surpasses all understanding." We will be like a baby cuddled in the arms of our mother or father, secure in their love.

We may approach the study of Scripture as a scholar but there is no greater way than to come in the mind of a child. This will allow Him to pour himself into our spirit and fill us with his love. Is there anything more precious than the child in your arms or at your feet? God feels the same way. Yield!


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