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One Person Makes a Difference.

One Person Makes a Difference.

The election of Senator Barrack Obama to the presidency of The United States of America is far more than a political feat.  Sometimes  we repeat a universal truth so often that it becomes no more than an oft-repeated slogan. We are accustomed to the saying that Mankind is one. The evidence gathered by our eyes and ears and  by the daily news would suggest otherwise. However, the divine emissaries of all ages saw from a different perspective. They knew and taught that the fundamental nature of our kind is indeed one when it comes to the essence of our being, when it comes to that part which operates far beyond the reach of our intellects and egoes. The wise men observed that the actions of one, The One, had an effect upon the many. Such is the case with the election of Senator Barrack Obama to the office of President of the United States of America. The honor and the effect of the people's decision to choose him as their leader resounds far beyond the halls of political power but also reverberates in souls around the globe.

One Person always makes a difference. Everythings begins with one. From the first all else arises. The Biblical account of The Creation reveals that Mankind began with one perfectly conceived being, the man we call Adam. That spiritual account of our origin tell us that failare of the one...Adam, was accrued to all mankind. The same holy book details the advent of Jesus Chirist, The Second Adam. The life and sacrifice of Christ, also known as The Anointed One, in divine servitude to God is offered as an "one for all" cure for the broken condition of fallen man. Thus as the first Adam is representative of the family of man and affects us all, so also does the second.

Scripture teaches that Man cannot live by bread alone but by every word which comes from the mouth of God. Through the ages living beings have recorded the wisdom which comes from the traceless depths and shared visions of  what is to come. That work has never ceased. Over twenty years ago after spending a weekend in prayer and meditation a story came to me so I wrote it down. In my novel, called "Visionary Fiction," by Hampton Roads Publishing, I told of an African featured young man who broke through the wall which separated his people from the larger nation and lead a battle to unify all people against the tyranny of deception that bound them all. His name was Zafir. Ironically, just weeks before the story became true the company decided to remove the book from further circulation. You have the option now to own one of the last copies of the final printing. Only those who purchase it here on the Soul Sword site will receive signed copies. The Secret of Freedom takes you through the inner-path from powerlessness to power full.

The Secret of Freedom




Zafir faces the "new dawn."

The Enlightened One, Sidhartha Gotama, also known as The Buddha, experienced salvation from the deluded state of mind which affects all humankind. Speaking from the wisdom which resulted from his awakening, he realized that all human beings are also buddhas. All human beings share the same exquisite nature of the enlightened ones.  They simply lack the awareness. The wises among us recognize that despite the diversity of our cultures and appearances, human beings are connected at the root beyond intellect and the control of ego. This truth, though spoken about in loftly places fails to reach the common everyday world. In fact, we have been living in contradiction to that truth in the Religious community and the secular for countless centuries.  No place in the world has been a greater example of the contradiction between rhetoric and practice than the United States of America, that is, until now. Something extraodinary has happened with the election of Barrack Obama. A new dimension has opened for Americans and for our extended famiy around the globe. It is like a Zen koan. We can only speak around it, demonstrate it, but we cannot capture the full affect in words. There are so many levels to the experience that masquerades as politics. This article will grow at a natural pace. For now, I offer you an interview conducted by recording artist, Maya Meerana of Australia, just before the historic election took place. I was asked to speak on the then impending election.


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