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My first book, Kung Fu: The Master, came out in 1975. Its debut established me as a poet about the same time  as Bobbi Humphrey's first album, Blacks and Blues,  established her as a musician, a flutist  of remarkable skill.. Bobbi and I were friends. She wrote the introduction to my book. What sealed our relationship, however, was neither music nor poetry but the fact that both of us were devoted to walking the spiritual path. We were students of the Divine, not because it was the popular thing to do but because our hearts and souls were drawn instinctively to that path. It is what we shared with each other...our faith.   Over thirty-five years have passed, and we are still friends, Our friendship still revolves around the Divine center.

Bobbi Humphrey cover

Bobbi Humphrey/A passion for Haiti.

The cover shots of Passion Flute and Kung Fu: The Master show how Bobbi and I looked during the early years of our friendship.


Kitabu Roshi age 23 /Cover photo of Kung Fu:The Master

There is one thing I always noticed about Bobbi, she radiates love, she is concerned about people.. It was no surprise that when we recently talked the subject was Haiti. Bobbi was so moved about the tremendous loss of life and the threat to the surviving people, that she felt the desire to do something personal. She expressed the depth of her feeling with the instrument that made her famous, her flute. From those moments of reaching into her soul came "Hymn for Haiti." Bobbi has arranged for a  special download to be created so that the money you pay to acquire her music will go to support  the Haitian  people. "This is a perpetual donation," she said. "All the money from Hymn For Haiti will always go to the Haitian people. I, will see to that." As we spoke, I downloaded Hymn to Haiti for myself. The cost is $2 but what that money will do cannot be measured. Hearing Bobbi play a solo inspired by an event that is now dominating the news adds a new dimension to the story, another note to a  heart-wrenching  human drama. Supporting Haiti with a hymn is quite apropriate, Haiti needs help, both human and Divine. I was speaking about Haiti to those who attend The American Vishwa Dharma Zen Temple (Soul Sword). I have been aware for a long time that negative spiritual forces cause me to cough. I feel a disruption in the air. This is not the same as a cold. I have included this talk as it happened so you can participate with us, and understand that we are truly connected in this global struggle by forces seen and unseen. After listening you can go directly to Bobbi's site from here and  download her gift to Haiti. Make your purchase your gift to them. 

While meditating on Haiti and talking with disciples on the tragedy that had befallen the people, I suddenly felt a shift within my body and spirit...a brief struggle ensued before I could go on.

Soul Sworders, spiritual warriors, are motivated by love. Take action. You will be inspired by the taste of Bobbi's music but the people of Haiti will be expired by your  help. Sign her guest book and let her know the Soul Sword Zen Community also supports her passion for Haiti.


Bobbi Humphrey may soon be our guest on Soul Sword Radio. Stay tuned.

Kitabu Roshi


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