I remember Mama

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My Mother.

Many years ago there was a television series called, I Remember Mama. I have long since forgotten the mother of that series but I have fond memories of my own dear mother. Her name was Kate Alease Ely Turner and she was a remarkable person. The first thing anyone would note about my mother was that she truly loved the Lord. She had a spiritual glow about her that showed in her smile.She played piano in an auxiliary capacity at Third Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Virginia and sang in the Gospel choir. She had four children and a husband, Vernon Turner, Sr. Mom was always youthful and played ball in neighborhood games where one family competed against another. She enjoyed laughing and having fun. More importantly, she taught her children about the Bible. There was a quiz once a week. We children were paid for each correct answer. In this way, my parents made Bible study fun, something to look forward too.

Mom was a woman with great faith in the Lord. When I was sick she used to anoint my body with Olive Oil and pray for me. I felt confident that whatever ailed me would be abated. The anointing with Olive Oil continued even into my adulthood. I trusted in her prayers just as I did in childhood.Though she did not always understand me, Mom stood by me through all of my struggles. I never doubted that she loved me and each of my siblings. She stayed active. When I taught a Martial arts class during a family cookout she participated with enthusiasm. She also joined an Aerobics class.

My mother had a special love for older people. She spent a lot of time with them, helping them or having lunch with them. She died in a restaurant at a table with such friends. The last time I saw her alive she was helping out in my sister's shop, SHABAZZ FASHIONS. I looked into her eyes and told her I saw a divine light. "To God be the glory," she responded. We spoke once more when she called to say she loved me and there was nothing she wouldn't do for me. Then she was gone but even then she left a message on my voicemail. She sang a song to me. "Praise ye the Lord, praise ye the Holy Spirit." That was her last message to me. When I was a little boy my mother would have me comb her hair. My final act for her was to comb her hair before her body was removed from the hospital room. It was a sweet way to say goodbye.

If your mother is still with you, you have an opportunity to remember her with candy, hugs, and kisses in real time. Reflect on her love and do not fail to return it. Mothers are our greatest gift in this world. Cherish yours.


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