Juneteenth…Celebrate Emancipation Without Shame or Blame

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spinning-globeWe are all dwelling on a single spinning globe surrounded by endless space.

Considering that truth, one would think we would be a close family by now. Mankind needs to take a closer look at what we share in common and less at where we differ.

Kitabu Roshi


As children we used our imagination well. We became cowboys and Native-Americans, cops and robbers, ballerinas and doctors with ease. Now for a few moments imagine that you were born Black in America of a few centuries ago and have lived to this day. You are now in the right mindset to continue.

Through the phenomenon we call ego, Man is able to divide himself from others of his kind for any number of reasons. If he possesses money, he may distance himself from those who have less. If he has prestige, he may avoid those who have no clout but perhaps the most destructive form of separation and disdain is connected with something irreversible, the color of a person's skin. People can appear to have money and carry themselves with an air of importance, they can even avoid revealing their Religion but they cannot significantly alter their racial identity, especially if they are of Asiatic or African descent, for example


By wide-spread use of negative profiling a people can become vested with an image which triggers spiritually harmful results. As in the case of African-Americans, the people became disassociated from the human race as a whole. Despite convention, however, Mankind is born of a single root and every tribe of human beings are spiritually grounded in that same origin beyond gross form. The human experience, no matter how diverse has universal significant and impact, one on the other. For centuries, Europeans, Asians even Semitic people have viewed history and studied the world against a backdrop that failed to include the cosmology of African Peoples. As Scientists who have traced the genetic roots of Mankind to a single African Woman known as Lucy, the circle of inclusion continues.

The desire for freedom is universal.

A play by Shewri Bailey.

The Black Mind is an inseparable part of the Universal Consciousness. As Black people awaken the entire human family will feel the effects. In this moment in history when America is celebrating the election and triumphant service of its first black president of the country, Barrack Obama, it is wise to recognize the glimmer of that star that is steadily rising. There is more to come. In that context, it is important that those who lead The Juneteenth Celebration, the oldest continuous celebration of freedom in America, make it a point to note that this recognition of the Emancipation Proclamation is for all peoples. Join me in a Soul Sword Radio interview with Sheri Bailey, Founder and Executive Directorof Juneteenth VA.

Oppression awakens the sleeping dragon.

Oppression awakens the sleeping dragon.

In later years, oppression would awaken the panther.

In later years, oprression would awaken the panther.


An artist's depiction of Sheri Bailey, playwright and Executive Director of Juneteenth VA.

An artist's depiction of Sheri Bailey, playwright and Executive Director of Juneteenth VA.


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