Ki-Asana Zen: Vernon Kitabu Turner’s new book, is wi-fi for your mind and spirit

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Roshi Kitabu Turner meditating at a Lotus Pond in Germany.

Roshi Kitabu Turner meditating at a Lotus Pond in Germany.

Ki-Asana Zen was released in March, as planned. This article was written prior to publication...

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Roshi Kitabu Turner's new book, Ki-Asana Zen (Rainbow Ridge Publishers) had a March release date. The subtitle of the book is "Bridging the gap between East and West."

In its pages you will explore a stream-line approach to Universal/Zen meditation which incorporates simple bio-mechanics, spiritual insights and "posture/asana" to enhance the everyday living experience. As the author discovered himself, just before the book was finished, the Ki-Asana Zen experience also bridged life and death in a most dramatic way.

Wi-Fi exists whether we utilize it or not but if we choose to benefit from it, we must have a device that will bridge the gap that separates us from its virtue.

The depiction of the hero, Zafir Da'Way of my book, "The Secret of Freedom," is the work of noted artist, Maizelle, of Hampton Roads, Virginia. It is shown here on my desktop.

Ki-Asana Zen is such a tool. It is a wireless, wordless method for connecting to The Real. Different from prayer, it does not invite us to incessantly talk to God, our source. The communication goes the other way.

Insight, wisdom, guidance and even spirituality do not come from our ideas of what should be. Our own raw thoughts sabotage the truth of genuine being... what it is to be human. We did not create ourselves in the beginning but we have been very effective in producing a largely counterfeit being


A few years ago who would believe that a small hand-held device with no cord could be used to connect with people all over the world but it was so.

Ki-Asana Zen does not use Wi-Fi or the Internet. Its medium transcends time and space because it has always been. The link is not an outside Provider but powered only by our faith in our Source and the given method.

For sure, there are other ways, just as there are many cell phone companies. The question is only what works best for you. Electricity is one but countless are the devices that tap its power.

Ki-Asana Zen is not Religion, nor does it attempt to replace such faith. It is a method, a tool for personal realization that will never occur in a group setting.

If you believe that there cannot be but that single point, that cause, then call "home", when your call is answered say nothing. Your words are meaningless at this juncture. Listen and receive. That is the thrilling possibility of Ki-Asana Zen.

On this site you will find help and insights augmenting Ki-Asana Zen, the book, as well as clarification from the Roshi and some of his students on video.

Welcome to the bridge between East and West, life and death. Return to this site for inspiration and help. There is much more to come but do buy Ki-Asana Zen: Bridging the Gap Between East and West to get the full flavor of the teachings.

Roshi Kitabu Turner


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