MAY DAY! Suppose no one answers your cries for help?

April 30, 2012 by  

The tradition continues

When I read a newspaper article or hear a news report detailing how someone has been injured or killed by a senseless act of violence I am deeply troubled. On one hand, I am grieved by the fact that a person can be so lacking in human compassion that they have no problem inflicting pain, suffering or death on someone else. Yet, these crimes do take place, daily. No one knows when an adversary might strike but too often people travel dangerous routes as if nothing can or will happen to them. A dangerous route does not have to be through the dark woods or down an unlit alley in a big city. It could be from the living-room to your kitchen. It is unfortunate but ruthless people can find us anywhere, if that is their design. "The place of danger is right here, right now," I tell my students.

When I was nine years old I overheard my parents discussing the terrible murder of Queens, New York housewife, Kitty Genovese. She was walking from her place of employment at approximately 2 a.m. when she was attacked by a knife-wielding assailant. He stabbed her but she was still able to run and scream for help. About 200 neighbors heard her cries but not a single one of them came to her aid in anyway. Kitty Genovese died just a few feet from the door of her apartment building. The Genovese story sank so deeply into my soul that I asked God to give me the strength and wisdom to help people in moments such as that. That prayer became the basis for my Zen, my Martial ability, a meijin (genius) for overcoming danger.

For over 40 years I kept my promise to God and the memory of Genovese by never turning away from a call for help. In later years I became renown for demonstrating my ability to defend under any circumstances before Martial experts around the world, I did not forget my original motivation. Life, your life, and that of your loved ones is precious. You don't have to be a violent person to stop violence but you can benefit from a God-center and mental discipline to direct it away from you and your loved-ones.

"May Day" is a way of crying our for help. People who expect help to come become dependent on that hope. That is dangerous when every moment counts. It is May now and help has come to you. UNDER THE SWORD,my newest book has been released to answer your call. If you are willing to invest a little time and even less money you may discover secrets that can save your life and invigorate it in ways you can only imagine.

You can purchase Under The Sword through your local bookseller, Barnes and Nobles or even Amazon.Com, among other venues.


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