Kitabu Roshi at Aikido Montreux in Switzerland

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What "Zen mastery" awakens is present in all human beings. Spiritual mastery, whether in Martial arts or life in general is the result of awakening through grace. There is a steep mountain to climb but the revelation does not come from great effort,  that effort diminishes the power of ego. Asia has long been the enclave of gifted masters. it is my mission to demonstrate that  the liberating power of   awakening is not based on geography or anything external. What was revealed in the mountains or under the branches of the mighty Bo tree can be revealed with equal clarity in Ohio, Hamburg or Liberia. The patriarchs of Asia are respected by me but we demonstrate our greatest respect to any master when we seek to master the course he taught. Remember, even Jesus Christ taught that even though "the student cannot be greater than the master, he can be like the master."

Wherever I am called to "teach," I go simply as an instrument hoping to be used to demonstrate the power of that grace known by many names. Aikidoist speak of Ki and Aiki, Kung Fu people speak of Chi and Yogi may use the word prana and so many others. To me that power that rests in the deep is more than an energy field, not something to be used like electricity. That power is the Jagad Guru himself, the Ultimate Teacher, The Holy Spirit....Wholly spirit but no less a living being than all of us. He is the Guru of  any genuine guru or master, the outward forms of Religions, not withstanding. I . delight in knowing that when my ego is surrendered, it is He, not me, who guides my hands. It is there at that moment of mushin (no mind) on my part that the lesson is revealed forall of us present. Not-I, Not-I.

"Blessed be the Lord my strength who teacheth my fingers to fight and my hands to make war."

Psalm: 144:1

(Thanks Josh, for informing us that the Chapter and verse was transcribed wrong.)




"This is great Video of Kitabu Roshi."

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