Sabine Kleftogiannis’ Spiritual Revelation

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When I was a child I was often bullied and hurt by violent youth. My father told me stories of great warriors and verbally introduced me to Martial arts and my beloved mentor, Master C.O. Neal. In those early days, I went to the librrary for every book I could find. One such book had a picture of Morihei Ueshiba, O sensei, founder of Aikido. Knowing nothing at all, I was taken by his spirit. At that age, I was already a "Christian." I was not dogmatic. As simply as I can put it The Holy Spirit had streaming contact with my spirit. Thus, I accepted without question that O sensei was "connected." All these decades have passed, and I often find myself teaching in Aikido circles. Technically, I am not an Aikido practitioner but Aikido means, "The Way of The Spirit...and therein lies the "connection" and the similarity. O sensei found his roots directly.   Zen Mushin Ryu. is a fancy way to say that I teach "No Thing." Be that as it may, there is something in motion that affects others, just as I was moved by contact with my own teachers. Such is the power of The Way. Sabine Kleftogiannis, Director of Zen BodyMind Works attended my "Ocean of The Spirit" seminar at Aikido Maastrich in Holland. She had no Martial arts background but was inspired to come. The former excutive at Conzendo had a life-altering experience. In her own words, she tells you what that was, and why Zen BodyMind Works has invited me to lead "A Mind Like Water" seminar in Germany. Long ago, Sadguru Sant Keshavadas received such an invite.  We go where we are sent or called. There is no looking back. The Path is one step long.

Sabine drinking coffee

Sabine Kleftogiannis enjoys a cup of coffee
in her office. She is the Director of
Zen BodyMind Works in Germany,

and an administrator of
the Soul Sword Zen
Online Community.

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