“Mind Like Water” video: Roshi live before expert and master Martial artists.

November 11, 2009 by  

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Talk is not good enough.

Talk is not good enough.

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Despite the teachings of Semantics, most people believe that the word is the thing. There are names for just about every thing or concept. People become trapped in a world made strong by walls built of thought. When What is Enlightenment? magazine interviewed Zen master, Vernon Kitabu Turner (Kitabu Roshi) some years ago, one thing became clear in the  17 page article. His teachings were based on a living experience which kept on breathing. He could demonstrate what he spoke about through his own body/mind. The field where this "Mind like water" experience was most apparent was in the action-driven world of the Martial arts. Kitabu Roshi was able to rely on the liquidity of  "Mind like water," or Mushin -(No-Mind) to circumvent, re-drect or outright defeat seasoned experts and masters with  minimum or no-effort, all, without causing a single bit of harm to the opponent. He could do this over and over again. Of course, there were those who read the article who were skeptical or just did not believe that a person born in the West had achieved No-Mind status. There were others who felt in their spirits that something extraordinary was going on. Among them was Aikido Master, Patrick Cassidy, then of Aikido Fresno. He invited Kitabu Roshi to fly to California and conduct a three-day seminar and demonstration of what he taught. Ten hours of video was shot by the seminar sponsors.  Now you can see what happened live in the present of masters in this video edited for time only. Video shipped to your address.

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