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Would you like Roshi Kitabu Turner to speak at your college , University or for your organization? He is represented by the same agency used by Reverend Jesse Jackson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and many other respected names, Great Black Speakers. You don't have to be black to make that call. You can reach higher than a star when you learn to reach within.  

If you would like to have a private consultation with Kitabu Roshi, one on one, please purchase an One Hour  Private Session . The cost for one hour is USD$175.   Please provide  times of availabity, email address and/or phone number. Members are provided this service at a substantially lower rate. If you prefer the more personal touch, you can call Roshi's personal assistant, Althea Corprew and arrange your appointment. Call her on the Soul Sword line during business hours. Please leave a message, if you do not connect live. Ms Corprew will call you back. Call Soul Sword Zen: Althea Corprew/Telephone:757-333-0710

Private Session
Mind to mind Soul to soul

Private sessions allow for single-minded focus on your concerns and permits Kitabu Roshi to connect with you soul to soul.

You can be one of a growing number of seekers and practitioners around the world who have benefited from one on one sessions with Kitabu Roshi.   Discuss the subject you want, ask questions freely without fear. While the session price is roughly based on what you would pay for an equal amount of time with a therapist, those who have taken advantage of the opportunity, not only receive guidance but have multi-level experiences which energize and transform their lives and performances. What happens to you will depend on the faith you bring to the session. The Original Mind is "transmitted" from one Dharma-heir to another. Though the personalities and styles of masters differer according to culture or the era they live in The Light is unchanged, its illuminating power is not dimmed by the ages. Kitabu Roshi, speaking in terms of electricity said, "I am not the electricity, just a wire through which it flows." A guru, by definition, is one who dispels darkness (from the mind). When darkness scatters...behold The Light. While Kitabu Roshi employs Zen methods as a tool of teaching, he is linked to the Himalayan lineage. Upon seeing  him the very first time, Sadguru Sant Keshavadas said, "I see a light shining in you. God has chosen you to be a Spiritual Teacher." Moments later, the master announced to the assembly..."this is my spiritual son." From that day forward for twenty years thereafter, Kitabu Roshi had full access to the guru anywhere he was in the world. What this means to you is that you will not only be consulting with one who has direct experience of The Way but one who served a long apprenticeship to learn how to best serve.

A contemplative Disciple of Christ since age nine, Kitabu Roshi was formerly initiated in Zen by Zen master Nomura Roshi of Japan in 1967. Sant Keshavadas did not influence him to alter his faith or meditative practices.  The wisdom of the Awakened Mind applies to all the areas of life. Zen reveals our original nature as it is expressed here on earth..."What is man that though art minful of him?"

It is as if someone cut the wire and The Light went out of our consciousness. Consider the Zen master as a linesman who searches for the break in you.

If your consciousness is troubled you may find the help you need comes in an unexpected way.



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