A Life-Time Message:Prentice Minner

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Singer and Motivational Speaker

"As above, so below." It is taught that God neither slumbers nor sleeps but his human emissaries must. There is the sun to govern the day, and the moon which rules by night... two great but different lights. Most people assume that the night is for sleeping but that is hardly in my nature. Given a choice, I am wide awake in the stillness of the night, meditating, creating, transmitting, receiving. Spiritually, I recharge under the moon and work the field under the sun. Somewhere in there I do find time to sleep, although there is a legend that says I don't. The world goes on 24 hours a day. The malevolent spiritual forces at work in humanity are always on the job, so God must have his own agents in play as a counter-measure. Being awakened... a Zen master, spontaneously acts from spirit. One night I was compelled to go to Norfolk, Virginia and visit the French Quarter at the Holiday Inn. Though, I had never heard of him, I decided to go hear The Prentice Minner Band. There were not many patrons present. I saw a well-dressed dignified man come out and stand before a polished group of musicians.

The moment I heard Minner's voice and music I was touched in the deepest part of me. His music had a message of depth but his voice was mature and powerful. At that moment, I knew what I had to do. When the evening was over I talked to him. I was a writer and I knew I could help. I interviewed him for my Journal & Guide Newspaper column. When the weekend came a few days later, I returned. The house was packed and a grateful Prentice Minner acknowledged my help publicly. What I felt was simple. The message in song of Prentice Minner was too good to keep to myself.
He gave me one of his albums and signed it to me. Through the years I played it many times.

The connection between us, without effort or plan, is one I am familiar with. It is the kind of thing that happens when you work for the same Authority. There is little that needs to be said. At the time of this writing I suddenly felt the need to seek Prentice on the internet. I learned that he passed away in 2008 but he left me a present. It is for you, too. On his site was the very song that touched me so many years ago. I saw that he had become Reverend Prentice T. Minner but he was that then, even if he had not yet been ordained. I wanted to introduce him to you. I want you to meditate on the words of his song, "In My Life-Time," then think of your own life. What will be the gift you leave behind to benefit others?

When the surrendered gives rise to inspired action that is Zen. Zen is not a religious designation. It is an experience that comes out of our genuine childlike nature, so it is special... unspoiled. I will let Prentice Minner speak for himself. This my gift of love to him. Thank you, Prentice, for the gifts you shared. Please click on the link below to be inspired.

Kitabu Roshi



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