EASTER: A Case For Ultimate Victory

April 7, 2012 by  

ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY SABINE KLEFTOGIANNIS The Anointed One, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, taught lessons of life but he did far more than that. He took the suffering of the world into and upon his body, mind and soul, so that the world through his great sacrifice might be transformed – saved from its own self destructive nature. The Bible tells us that though he, himself, was innocent, he was crucified, slain for the transgressions of others. If this is where it all ended, this would be a tragedy of the first order, a loving innocent soul, tortured and killed without cause. There is more to the story, however. The Book, that is The Bible, tells us that in three days he broke through the bonds of death and rose again. This is the ultimate victory. It is also the ultimate koan (spiritual mystery). How can this be? What is the scientific basis for such a claim? Faith starts off giving you nothing but your naked belief but if you persevere in that faith, it gives you far more. You have to put it to the test. This Easter ask yourself this question in earnest. Science and logic not withstanding do I believe that a man can transcend death? Can I rise into new life when this old form is no more? Such is the celebration of Easter. Listen to this broadcast We Will Rise Again, recorded live at The Soul Sword Zen Community.


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