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"UNDER THE SWORD By Roshi, Vernon Kitabu Turner

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Under the Sword – Life Lessons to Awaken the Zen Warrior in you by Author and international Roshi, Vernon Kitabu Turner, is a “Must Read”. It is not only a “must read”, but it is a book to be absorbed, to be studied, to be highlighted, to be hidden in your heart, as much as devout believers would The Ta’nakh, The Bible, The Qu’ran, the Bhagavad Gita and other holy books which provide guidance for our body, mind and spirit if read and understood in the intended manner. Under the Sword, is poignantly mesmerizing; intoxicating, if you will. It encompasses and explicates the best and most needed portions of every holy book and every self-help book. One with a spiritual mindset can envision the Hand of The Most High penning, each delectable word. It teaches, it chastises, it enlightens the reader. It strengthens one’s resolve to become a better person, to demonstrate and illustrate love for humanity as well as for one’s self. It is a self-help yet adventurous book that sends your mind in and out of every portal of expectancy imaginable. It is heart racing, mind bending, pensive. This book is not only, spiritually rewarding, but it gives you Solomonic wisdom that can upon completion of it, the first time, change your life around almost instantaneously. It teaches you to juxtapose the bully and bullied and the latter will come out the victor without either being hurt. This book belongs in the home of every individual who is seeking a better life, who wishes to change any surreptitious or overt prejudices against his fellow human because of the color of their skin, the language they speak, or the “religion” by which they chose to worship and believe in the one and only true Creator of all who breathe; Contrary to the “Big Bang Theory”, we all exist because we all have the same breath keeping us alive and once you read this book, you will strive to do your part to stop the madness and embrace your brothers and sisters as one, in love.

Order the book and others by Roshi Kitabu from, Barnes and, and other major bookstores. If you want to become a student or a part of the Soul Sword Zen community, join him at"


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