Gone but not forgotten

March 11, 2013 by  

Snow bike

Photo by Sabine Kleftogiannis

The true colors of this German bicycle are lost in a heavy covering of snow. The snow is gone but it is far from forgotten. Its effect will linger for days to come. Even when the last whiteness is gone the wetness will remain. When the sun has dried up the final moisture there will be memories of the beauty of the snowfall. A few weeks ago, just before I flew to Germany to spend time with devotees there, I went to the funeral of my life-long friend's wife. On the surface, she is gone from view but like the powerful image of a snowfall, she remains in the hearts and minds of all who knew her. The snow keeps returning. In essence it lives on. The wetness, the memories remain. As we look at the snow covered bicycle we will remember the most, that which will fade away . There is something awesome and mysterious about fading out of sight but never out of mind. We thank Sabine Kleftogiannis, our Art Director for this photograph.


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