Jesus Christ: The overcomer

April 12, 2020 by  

He overcame death.

We are going through a difficult time in the world today. We are reminded of the commonality of people by the way we are being affected and infected by the same disease. From China to Italy to the United States the coronavirus has been killing hundreds of people. It has brought countries to a standstill as they attempt to stop the spread of the pandemic. Scientists are working around the clock seeking a solution as medical supplies dwindle. The virus doesn't discriminate. It slays the rich or poor the famous or the common man.

There are many of us who see a spiritual component and solution to the problem. It is fitting that the virus is at its peak during the Easter season. It is the time when Christians celebrate Jesus Christ's victory over death. We are spiritual beings. The evil we do against each other affects us in the natural realm. We are being taught a lesson, Love one another as I have loved you." Already we are seeing selfless acts around the world as people reach out in support of their fellowmen. This is a time for more prayer and meditation on our Creator that he might work through us bodily. By conquering death, Jesus showed us that nothing is impossible when we partner with God. We must always remember that it is God's breath that we breathe and that Science and Technology are his gifts to us. They are not greater than the giver. This Easter let us seek the healing power of Christ to restore the world to balance. Let us embrace The Spirit of our common Creator.


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