PRESIDENT OBAMA WINS! (Posted approximately 4 AM November 6.)

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While I am not particularly political in nature, I recognize that the men and women who serve the city, state and nation have formidable tasks. If we do not view them in a vacuum we come to see that they need our support to do their jobs, and that they can be of assistance to us, if we learn the function of their offices. What is important is that the citizens maintains a sense of personal power. They are the voters, they, too, wield influence.

In the very beginning of my writing career I was a Magazine journalist. Free to express myself in my own column, I became keenly aware of the power of the pen. No less than a good politician, I became an advocate for the powerless. This combined with my spiritual direction compelled me to be extremely careful about what I said or wrote in public. Words are powers. They can heal, harm, motivate or tear a person down.

Like all of you I have watched and listened to the unfolding of the war we call the national election. We know it is a war. There are even "battleground states." My listening has gone beyond hearing the "logical" arguments, and I have not been impressed by the millions of dollars used to put a Hollywood spin on every statement made by the candidates. These embarrassed me, and I was more embarrassed for anyone swayed by them.

At this time in History we need to look beyond the surface of things. There is something deeper going on, and the soul of America is in danger if we choose to play a shallow game of politics, motivated by ego rather than genuine calling. There have always been those who have called themselves to tackle great tasks but their accomplishments and overall good pales before the one who is chosen for the job.The one who is chosen operates multi-dimensionally. The affect of his presence in the arena is far greater than that which is measurable by graphs. The power of such a person's charisma alone can inspire others to great deeds. It is like using one battery to charge a weak one. Soon the stalled vehicle is on its way.

None of us agree with everything a leader does but my spirit will not allow me to waiver on my commitment to President Barack Obama. It is like the admonition in The Scripture warning of acts against the divinely chosen. "Touch not the head of my anointed." The last election participated in by my highly active 80-something year old Uncle James Ely, was the election of President Obama. We spoke about it only moments later. He was so thrilled. I feel that Uncle James would still be "fired up" for the president. He, himself, did not quit until a job was finished. He would want President Obama to follow through.

Jesus admonished his disciples to "Claim things that were not, as though they were." In other words, faith should be strong enough to influence the outcome of things. That is the point of faith, after all. In the spirit of that teaching of Jesus Christ I declare President Barack Obama the winner of a second term, polls and pundits, notwithstanding. Note that this was posted at approximately 4 AM the morning of November 6. In a few hours, we will all know the outcome. I hear the victory bells already.


Kitabu Roshi


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