The Christ Child: A Plug and Play Upgrade for Humanity

December 15, 2011 by  

Artwork by Sabine Kleftogiannis

Copyright 2011

In the Sixth Chapter of Genesis, as recorded in The Holy Bible, The LORD says, "My spirit will not always strive with Man because he also is flesh..." It is a point in Man's History where the sons of God,angels, freely marry the daughters of men. God's focus, however, is that Man is also flesh. He is not spirit-driven, and because of that his thoughts are constantly drawn to evil. That is the affliction of Man. He continually moves towards destruction. In the terms of our High-Tech society, we can say that the bio-computer, Man, has an insidious virus that has proliferated globally. The virus is buried in the programs of even brand new generations of computers. All that we do, all that we think we are, is distorted by that virus. What can we do? How can the problem be fixed? The Christmas season is a reminder that there is an app for that.

And so it was decided that Mankind needed an upgrade.

There may be over 200,000 apps, little rectangular patches of color available for our smart phones or other computer devices. We can click on them and suddenly our phone is capable of performing a brand new and sometimes, complicated function. Yet, we do not see what makes the patch work. We click and play, that is enough. We have become comfortable with the "magic" of technology. We are no longer amazed that we can dial our friends, talk to them and even see them, without need of wires or bulky devices.; After all, this is technology. There is reason behind why things work.

When it was discovered that computers could develop a

virus, others discovered an anti-virus. How curious. How were they able to do that? The Zen Mind, that is the Original Receptive Mind of Faith that was inherent in our creation does not ask why. It acts. The revelation and use of it are a single act. The LORD was once pleased with Man. He was spontaneous and free with no taint of duality virus. By listening to the beguiling words of the serpent, however, Man (Adam) became mentally divided. This change put him at war with himself. A powerful virus had taken hold. Its mission was to pull him deeper into the realm of flesh and away from the realm of spirit. Seen in this way we can see why The LORD is recoiling from Man. He wanted Man to maintain his spiritual nature while living in form but Man was quickly morphing into something else. What was needed was an anti-virus.

Only one who understands the complex nature of computers and the software which powers them can formulate an effective anti-virus to counteract the negative affects of the deviant program. It is impossible for a person to grasp the nature of a Christ when they attempt to view his mission through the gestalt of the intellect. When you engage an anti-viral program there will come a moment when the computer will effectively "die." It will shut down only to be re-borned in the original factory confirguration. Using that analogy, we need to understand and accept that Man, the prototype had the problem/virus and spread it to each of us in turn, at birth. No matter how smart or high-born we think we are, we are affected by being born human. The premise is simple. The Original man was the Main-Frame Computer, the prototype.

We know that we design and implement marvelous works. We take pride in our brains... in our mind but we often shy away from the question of how we happen to exist in so marvelous a way as to have such extraordinary abilities. There are amazing theories about that avoid mentioning an intelligence greater than our own. Keeping it simple, not a single person would exist, if he or she had to bring their own self into existence. Just as those who designed computers understand how to restore them, The One, who designed the human being also had a plan to restore us to original factory configuration ....all of us. However, that fat ego of ours can make simple solutions complicated. Our thoughts betray us.

Since the original Main-Frame (Adam)was flawed, why not replace the faulty Main-Frame with a new one and put that on line? After that, all we had to do was read the terms for joining the Home computer, click "accept," and be home free, back to our spiritual nature. It seems like everyone would want to download a universal cure for a relentless, destructive virus. It is not Religion, its just common sense.

The anti-virus must be introduced into each personal computer. So The Anointed One, Christ is housed in a baby, a one of a kind "program" prepared to restore the Bio-computer, Man. He has the right body, the right mind and the right connection to bridge the broken communication between Man and The Spirit.  Jesus is Man, and it is Man, plural who needs to be restored. He is Man for everyone, not just Christians, but  for Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, and the lists go on because the mission is only about Man, the universal manifestion.  We do not not need artificial divisions resulting from arbitrary labeling. This Baby Jesus is Man and he is Spirit in harmony with Man. The two are made one in him.  Click "accept" and the process begins in us.

The Baby Jesus lies in the manger listening, feeling, radiating spirit, receiving data from humanity, no thoughts, no plan. Just being, he emanates light everywhere, shaking up the fallen ones with his gurgle and grin.

At his birth,the Wi-Fi connection was established. Soon afterwards the perceptive, recognize and accept his function without the need of complicated "instructions". He has no hint of a virus, and that is clear. His signal is awesome, free  and available to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  How curious, the baby is "marvelous, empty and free," the original factory configuration of of what we are meant to be. A special thanks during this season to The Manufacturer.


I did not know what darkness was then sunlight

penetrated the cave, I had no name to call it

but I will never forget the affect., I never understood what was missing,

Then I looked into the eyes of The Child

and everything fell away but tears,

they flowed without end.

      Kitabu Roshi


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