The Original Star Child

December 23, 2023 by  

In the Sci-Fi movie 2001, we see a breathtaking and haunting image of a human embryo hanging in outer space. It was known as the Star Child. That was fiction. The original Star Child was and still is Jesus Christ. Over 2000 years ago his birth was heralded by a star which led three wise men from the Orient to his lowly abode in a stable. Once there they lavished him with gifts fit for a king, frankincense, gold and myrrh. What was so special about this infant? His birth was predicted centuries before, and he was conceived by the Virgin Mary by virtue of The Holy Spirit. This baby was truly innocent; conceived for the salvation of the world.

The Star Child was the perfect medium, a blend of God and man. He would suffer human existence without sinning to one day serve as the perfect savior for those who accepted him.

On this first Christmas, angels sang to shepherds, "Peace on earth: goodwill toward men." However, the forces of evil followed with threats to the blessed one’s life. In fact, many babies were slaughtered eventually, as King Herod feared a threat to his throne. Joseph, Jesus's earthly father, was led to move the family to Egypt for safety.

Just like the stars above, Jesus is a light shining in the darkness to this day. The star still symbolizes His birth. A star on a Christmas tree or on a card is a reminder of His holy birth, the innocent one who laid his life down upon the wretched cross for mankind. On a cold winter's night, I look up at the bright North Star and remember that brilliant light in Bethlehem. The Star Child was born that night. The world became better for it.


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