The Star of …Right Now? The Susan Boyle Message

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Susan Boyle; a star in sheepish clothing.

Susan Boyle; a star in sheepish clothing.

This is what a star looks like...this is how she sounds. (Youtube video)

Susan Boyle's appearance on Dancing with the Stars moved me to tears.Sharon Osborne is wrong. Susan Boyle is beatiful.  Beauty touches the soul. Susan is exquisitely unspoiled. I hope she continues to share her gift with us and is protected from those who would wound her heart for a laugh.

This space will feature other unexpected or extraordinary stars from time to time. Practice your gift.


When The Christ Child was born he was the center of attention on earth and in heaven. While everyone did not know who he was, the dynamic and awesome concentration of Universal Mind and Spirit converged in flesh and the literal, SUPERSTAR, was born. It is often forgotten or underplayed when Jesus Christ is viewed only within the context of a a given Religion, that the Man Jesus is a prototype. He is the completed version of what we were all created to be, "the first born of many fruit, sons of God."Gender, notwithstanding, that includes all human beings. While Jesus may not have always known where he stood with men he knew where he stood with God. "I am the Father are one," he said, but Jesus Christ was not ego-centric, he went further, "I would that ye also be one as we are one."

Jesus had no problem desiring the best for everyone. He wanted everyone to shine with the best that is within them. You cannot always know or see the best by judging the exterior but people do it all the time. We are covered by flesh but we are spirit within it. It is the divisive mind which blinds us to our own wholeness and to the true nature of others. We need to learn to look with more than eyes. We need to become feeling instruments like sonar or radar. We must stop making snap judgments of people, and give them a chance to reveal their true selves. The visual impression is not enough, in fact, it is the chief tool of The Deceiver.

I took great delight in learning about and hearing Susan Boyle of Great Britain. The contestant on Britain's Got Talent, a show like American Idol, had the appearance of a wash woman, plain and unadorned. When Susan opened her mouth to sing, however, she astounded all who listened. I am glad that Susan did not let people discourage her. She is a star. I hope that she will learn to trust the source of her voice more, then she will always shine through the surface and illuminate her vacinity. Don't let anybody, not even your own body obscure your starlight. You, too, are an unique expression of The Great I Am.

At any given moment in time and space you may be needed to express the greatness within you. Do not faint, rise up and stand strong in confidence. You may be the star of right now.

Neti Neti. Every situation cannot be measured by profit and lost.

Neti Neti. Every situation cannot be measured by profit and lost.

Dance and song are both express of timing and rhythm in different ways.  While a contest  is narrowed down to winning or losing, life is not like that. There is a kind of winning that does not involve a loser. A contest has only a single number one but The Creator of  All has only The One, you are an expression of The One. Know that and act accordingly but never forget that every person you meet is also a reflection of THAT. Susan Boyle made me happy as does everyone who refuses to fit the mold at the cost of their uniqueness. I dreamed a dream...and it is coming true day by day. You are in it.

Vernon Kitabu Turner/Kitabu Roshi


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