A Warrior’s Child…God Son in The Motherland

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Little Vernon

For awhile now. Tai Chi Togo, in Togo, Africa, through the good graces of its master, Leopold Ankude have treated me with great respect and honor. There is an effort under way to bring me to the Motherland to share my teachings in that the most historic setting for those of African descent. Yet, even there practitioners drink deeply of the classical Asian teachings.

My understanding has always been that some teachings are universal. East and west belong to us all. There is also the teaching of Zen Mind Beginner's Mind made popular by Zen master, Shunryu Suzuki Roshi. It is fitting that as Master Leopold Ankude and I prepare to meet on that distance shore for a new experience that he would present me with the purest news. He announces the coming of beginner's mind in the most human of all settings. The following messages sent to my FaceBook page revealed the happy news. The last message underscores that I was singled out for another honor. This time I was touched in a most personal way. I was humbled. My relationship with Tai Chi Togo was now family. It feels right.

Master Leopold Ankude

Master Leopold Ankude, father of Vernon Adjafani Dorian.

Dear Roshi, I am happy to introduce my son Vernon Adjafani Dorian, born May 11. His name means Light that God has given us! We give thanks to God for the goodness and love that He gives us. Here is our son, thank you for your prayers and good intentions, we embrace you with love, tenderness Ocean!

Kitabu Roshi East Sea Blue eyes2

Roshi Vermon Kitabu Turner, godfather.

Your baby, Little, Vernon Adjafani Dorian, is simply beautiful. He looks so peaceful, enjoying that state that so many warriors seek so hard but never find. You and your lady should be very pleased that God has put him in your lives.

I expect great things from him but I also feel that he will be a wonderful person, a gift to all who meet him. I am pleased that we share a name. I realize that that could be a coincident but I like it anyway. Keep the pictures coming. I would like to follow his progress. Let me know, if it is alright to announce his birth on my website and use the picture. It gives me a good feeling to look at him. He is a good meditation. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing this beautiful event with me. You have both done well.


Dear Roshi, I gave your name to Dorian, as a blessing on his life and an example of the path that must be followed in this incarnation! It is true that he is quiet and serene, wonderful. Of course you can use his picture and make the announcement on your site. I promise to send you pictures and news regularly. He could not dream of a more wonderful godfather than you, My family, my friends, my students and myself welcome you and tell you THANK YOU! May the Lord bless you. All our respect love.

When a child enters your life it is a sacred opportunity to teach but it is even more an opportunity to learn. The mind of a child is both extremely active and empty. He or she can help us recover the link to our own Original mind.

We can see this light in their eyes, we can feel the energy in the opening and closing of their hands and the kicking of their legs. The child is a natural teacher. Children make families, even extended ones. Love binds us together. Children are also a reminder that we are born innocent. Perhaps we should contemmplate how we lose that gift I welcome Little Vernon Dorian into the world and into my heart. Through him I am closer to the Motherland than I have ever been. We are family.


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