Milton joins the ancestors

June 22, 2021 by  

On May 30th I lost one of my students, Milton A. Reid, aka Kemet to the ancestors. He loved our culture and referred to me, his teacher, as one who s"stood in the gap for us." This was his assertion, not mine. When he came to me he told me he suffered from health issues. Nonetheless, his mind and resolve were strong. He gave himself wholly to Zen Mushin Ryu training and meditation without showing any signs of weakness. Still, I monitored him closely. He loved his teacher deeply and would call often to share with me and to inquire about my own health. He would also bring gifts by the Zendo from food to a flat-screen TV with a sound bar. He would also bring financial gifts from time to time. In many ways he showed his teacher how much he appreciated his service. Kemet gave as much as he received. He was the son of Dr. and Mrs. Milton A. Reid, Senior. His father was a renown Baptist minister who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. He was called Milton, the Disciple. Like me, Kemet had strong Christian roots which served aas a filter for his other studies. He taught Yoga. Two weeks before he died from a fall complicated by his preexistinng health issue he called me. The student who saw me as standing in the gap between us and the ancestors now stands in the gap for me,


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