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Dr. MLK/Disiciple of the Lord of Peace.

From a young child I have always been a lover of peace. Yet even at a tender age I learned that it attracted the opposite power. So I was not surprised that the loving message of peace, reconciliation and universal rights preached by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. resulted in violence toward toward he and his followers. His was a spiritual message that radiated from the Divine and travelled from soul to soul. As such it should have touched every human being. Yet there are those who are so self-possessed they can not feel for others. They are so in love with their skin that they do not sense the real life within it. No matter the color of our skin or our national origin, we are all equally souls, a brotherhood of esoteric beings.

That is who Dr. King spoke to in his eloquent, poetic language. The fact that his life has been honored with a national holiday proves that his spirit influenced many in the country. Yet even the sacrifice of his life was not a price huge enough to pay for voting rights. It is frustrating to hear those who say they believe in the Bill to pass the rights but hide behind mere Politics to block it. How can they witness the shrinking away of this fundamental right for mostly minorities and still think they are good people? As Dr. King himself said, "If you want change, you must be the change."

If we want to honor the life of Dr. King properly, we must practice what he preached. Ideally, we need to embrace the spirit of Christ which empowered him to the end. We can not separate the disciple from his master because he is an extention of the Master. Those who ignore the message of the disciple have ignored the Master.


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