Schwanda dies at 17

September 8, 2021 by  

There are so many people in debate over whether to take a Covid 19 shot or wear a mask. Perhaps the threat doesn't seem real to them. I know a family who knows through their personal tragedy how real it is. The family of Sherell Corprew had no plans to take the Covid 19 vaccination but all of that changed when Ms Corprew lost her youngest of seven daughters to the virus. Schwanda Corprew was seventeen, preparing to graduate from high school when she told her mother she had a headache and would go to bed early. The next thing Ms Corprew knew was that her daughter was dead. Days later the medical examiner revealed the cause as Covid 19. Ironically, Schwanda was scheduled to be vaccinated that next Tuesday, the only member of the family with such plans.
Schwanda was a loving quiet-spirited girl who loved using Insta-gram and Tic-Toc. In fact, her family nicknamed her the Tic-Toc queen. As the baby of the family she looked up to her sisters. Gramdmother, AltheaTrimble is a long time friend and member of my Soul Sword Zen Community, I knew Schwanda since she was in diapers. When she became older she called me Mister Roshi, which endeared me to her. I always asked about her when I talked with her grandmother. As the younguest Virginian to die from Covid, Schwanda received mulltible television and newspaper coverage. The community got behind her story, and a Go Fund Me drive netted enough support too pay for her entire funeral and headstone. The family was grateful. There was also a vaccination drive in her name. Her mother and sisters all got their shots, along with other members of the community. I will miss that sweet girl that use to call me Mister Roshi. I will never forget her face.


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