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June 29, 2011 by  



You may want your electrical appliances to run on your will power but they do not. They operate by the power of electricity. You may want  mankind to soar into Higher consciousness by the might of will also but it will not happen. We only delude ourselves. Whatever is the source of that wonder-working power it is transmitted from generation to generation to a few people designated to receive it through no worthiness of their own.  Only one who is endowed with the gift bears witness to another recipient. So the work continues in the heart, mind and soul of humankind. While it is true that only a few human beings at a given time radiate this gift into the world, there are many who support the masters in there mission. Those who do share in the blessings. They become so magnetized by this association that the Bible states, "those who give so much as a cup of water to the prophet in the name of the prophet, shall in no wise lose the prophet's reward." It is incumbent upon those who benefit from the teachings, who are blessed by them, to offer material support. The value of  a master to The Lord  is his humanity. His value to his students is his spirituality. A master must still operate within the laws and obligations of the everyday world. He is subject to the same economic laws and demands as everyone.  No mission can grow in effectiveness and power without financial support. It is a partnership. If you are inspired to participate in Kitabu Roshi's global mission. Donate from your heart. You will receive his personal thanks and much more.


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