Justin Zagri’s Film an Official Choice for Film Festival

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Justin Zagri, The Son of Soul Sword Administrator, Sid Zagri, and his wife, Dhyana, a noted artist, explores love in his new Film. It has been selected for viewing at the Love Actually Film Festival.

Justin Zagri is definitely from a Soul Sword Zen family. His parents have been a part of this mission for many years but our relationship is more like a spirit-centered family. On a visit with the Zagris, many years ago, I saw the then, teenager Justin working on his computer. I discovered he was developing a video presentation. When he showed it to me I was very impressed with his skills and artistry. Justin was self-taught but I saw the potential. I asked him to develop a video for me. He directed the first "A Mind Like Water," video, complete with trailer.

Something else happened as I watched Justin develop the Soul Sword project. I knew I could not always call on him. With school work and other activities, I knew he would become very busy in time. I felt the desire to create my own videos. This happened because I looked over the shoulders of the creative and enthusiastic young man. His enjoyment became mine as well.

Justin grew up to go to film school. He never lost his passion. Now I am happy to report that one of his short films has been recognized and selected as an Official Choice for the Love Actually Film Festival which takes place appropriately February 14th,Valentine's Day

The film is called KISS. Suppose you were too shy to kiss. What would you do? Well the character in this movie take an unusual approach to the dilemma. See what your fellow Soul Sworder, Justin, is up to.

In case you forgot or never knew, "everyday life is Zen life. We keep it real here at the Soul Sword Zen Community. Here is an uncensored clip. You will be informed when the entire movie is available.

Perhaps, nothing is more important to childhood development than a strong family support system. If Justin's parents had failed to offer him encouragement and to provide the tools he needed, he might have lacked faith in his own possibilities. Now a graduate of Columbia College Hollywood, he is strongly focused on showing what he can do by using his camera to paint life's pictures in "Broadstrokes."

Here is a picture of the Zagris when all the children were young enough to live at home.

A Soul Sword Zen Family

The baby, Gavin, is now taller than his mother, Dhyana, who is standing behind him. Adam is in front, to the right of Gavin. On the left in the back is Ben, Dad, himself, my faithful student, Sid and his son, the film-maker, Justin, is on the right end.

Here is another shot of Justin looking very much like a film-maker.


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