One Mind, One Body, Many Hands

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We are all part  of The One.

"I am a loner. I stand and walk alone," so begins a poem I wrote in my teens. For many years I believed that. I adopted the Bushido attitude of the Samurai. Whatever occurred in life I expected to face it resolutely without looking for help. That was then when I was burning with the fire of youth and lacking in wisdom. No matter who we are, we need other people. We need each other, we can't accomplish anything of value completely alone. You may be talented, you may be a genius but you will still fall short in some area of your life. You will need help. It is wise to acknowledge that need. It is important to accept the offer of help when it comes.

A doctor cannot serve all the positions in his office, so he has a nursing, a technical and a clerical staff so things run smoothly. The president of a country does not perform all the government duties, nor does he make all the decisions which effect his countrymen.

A preacher does not carry the church by himself. The church is called a body but it has many cells. In the same manner, those who are called to the role of master, be they called, roshi, guru, spiritual teacher, sir or madame, cannot function all alone. The master is one body but the disciples of the teachings, his devotees must become his many hands to spread the message and provide a strong platform for Dharma (Universal Spiritual Teaching).

When I was in my twenties, I marveled at the number of people who served the mission of Sadguru Sant Keshavadas. Devotees were in many cities and countries. Their coordinated efforts made thing happen. Even after I was charged with the mission of teaching and representing Dharma, I had no organization. I did not inherit that from the master. I stumbled along as a Spiritual samurai. Today, I pause to give thanks. I say thanks because so many people have reached out to help me fulfill my mission, through the years.

They did far more than speak mere words. They took action. Some helped by making financial contributions, money fuels all missions carried out on earth but What is also incredible are the number of people who pledged their skills to build our global community. Some years ago when I knew very little about computers I decided to create a website. It had been up for a number of months when I received a call from Sid Zagri, a businessman who then lived in Maryland. Sid read an article on me in what was then called, "What is Enlightenment? " magazine. He asked to help with the website. It was Sid who launched the first professional site for the Soul Sword Zen Community. He served in the post of webmaster for several years. While Sid is still very much active and a great support to me, Brigit Ananya Gita, of Ananya Systems, a software developer, took over the role of webmaster. She, too, served for several years before the current webmaster, Gleb Esman took up the duties. Gleb has served in that capacvity for about eight years.He is the founder of MemberWing, a provider of Software which is user-friendly to on-line communities. In addition to their loving input, Sabine Kleptogiannis of Germany, became Art Director of the Soul Sword Zen website and coordinator of the European mission.

Each of the named people are administrators. Each of these extraordinary people contributed to the expansion of the on-line Soul Sword Zen Community. Each one of them gave their best work from their heart, as an act of service. I cannot thank them enough. Many years ago, I served as Sant Keshavadas' publicist out of love, and the desire to be of service also. It did not occur to me that others would one day do the same for my mission.

Whenever I travel I do so with a professional haircut, lovingly given by Moses McFarland, my long-time student. The Zen Mushin Ryu black belt is my Martial understudy. He owns his own Barber shop but he still comes to the zendo and cuts my hair, as he has done for years.

Sensei Moses has proven his devotion through the years.

Sean Engen devotes time to come and work with me in the office on videos and audios. Sean use to do landscaping for the zendo. Leonard Morgan provides ongoing business support, as does Sid. Rose Blackwell was my Executive Assistance until motherhood called her to another noble task. Joyce Anne Turner who prepares delicious meals for the sangha each week with the help of enthusiastic contributors, is my wife.. She is Social Director of the Zendo. Althea Corprew is my Personal Assistant.

Beverly Lamine likes to call herself ground support for the Roshi. In other countries, there are those like Joseph Duncan , London, England who is always ready to support the mission, flies across countries to be present at seminars and retreats, I lead. ever ready help in the expansion of the mission. Through the years, there have been many others to helped in opening the doors, Andrew Cohen, bestselling author and founder of EnlightenmentNext, Patrick Cassidy/Sensei of Aikido Montruex, Switzerand who brought me to his country and promoted my seminar in Holland, as well. There has been Mitch Doshin Cantor of the Southern Plam Zen Center in Florda, who invited me to conduct sesshin for the Florida Zen Community. Doing this is like standing before a microphone trying to remember all the people to thank when you receive an award. From time to time I will edit this page and there will be new names. We do nothing in this world all alone. We all need help, and we all need to be helping hand. I will be using this page to give kudos to others. The latest to join the team is Jo T, that is Jochanah Turner Silva, my accomplished baby sister. She had taken the double role of publicist and scheduler I also thank you. If you approach properly there is so much to receive. I am on a mission. It is an important mission but I can not fulfill it without your help. I will spotlight more people in later entries.



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