Peace on Earth

December 23, 2022 by  

The coming of the Christ child 2000 years ago was marked by the angels singing Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men. After they vanished the atmosphere was charged wuth peace. The shepherds who heard them went into Bethlehem in search of this child. They found him in a manger tended to by his mother and Joseph.The divine child was born into the most humble curcumstance. As humble as the situation wasthe baby was found and worshipped by by three magi from the East.They had followed a star to His birthplace. This was an auspiious sign of His high birth.

Instead of peace following the birth of the Christ-child there was widespread death and woe. The king having heard of the birth, feared for his throne. He ordered the slaughter of all male babies age two and under. So much for peace on Earth. With the constant wars and murders going on in this world, we have never seen wholesale peace on Earth. It is most likely we misunerstood the angelic message. It was not a promise of peace and goodwill in general but an announcement that the Prince of Peace, He who radiated goodwill to the whole world was here among us.

Jesus was sent from above. Thus He stands above us sending out signals of pleace and love to all who accept Him. Jesus is like a spiritual router who connects people to the God of peace, indivisually. So there are those who share his peace and goodwill toward men. At Christmas time we get a glimpse of what is possible as we sing the hymns and give gifts to those in need. If we embrace The Lord year around, personally, then peace on Earth is possible.

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